ALC 5,8 vol | 15,0° PLA | 25 IBU


A fresh and drinkable Bock

Wow is a low fermentation beer, from the German Lager family, in Bock style, revisited by Lorenzo Turco, the brewer of Soralamà. Ruby red, with flavors of malt and caramel. In the glass it shows itself with a nice white foam hat. The olfactory profile is played on malts, with biscuit, caramelized and ripe fruit notes. The Wow expresses 5.8 alcoholic degrees, but it’s a fresh and drinkable beer, thanks to the characteristics of the mountain water of Vaie.

In 2016 Wow was awarded the Premio Cerevisia, reserved for quality beers and Italian brewery excellence.

Wow is a Bock beer with a bright ruby red color and a fresh and fruity aroma.
Medium-bodied and with excellent harmony, it has a balanced taste, slightly sweet with a persistent aftertaste of fresh red fruit.
It’s an alternative to light beers, for those who love a more intense and complex flavor.
It pairs well with cold cuts and cheeses.