Gianluca, Davide and Enrique have in common a passion for craft beer and a very high knowledge of the product, the market and their customers.

Gianluca Poggio

The spark that made me discover the world of craft beer started in 2004 when I met Davide Zingarelli and Soralamà. It was a cold winter day, I had a cracked rib and I was in pain. In the company of other friends I drank a beer, then another and another. I found them really good and original. The pain eased, I felt good… Since then an inextinguishable curiosity has led me to deepen more and more on everything that represents and belongs to the brewing world. But the first love is never forgotten… and in 2011 I joined the company team of Soralama’. Since 2015 I have been a technical director of a biennial ITS course for the achievement of the 5th EQF level of qualification as Brew master.
I am also an entrepreneur in the restaurant business (pubs, pizzerias and restaurants in general). I’m married and have three children, of whose the two older ones work with me.

Davide Zingarelli

I started my career as a junior engineer in Gai bottling machines company. My mentor was the engineer Gai who not only passed on his dedication to work, but also his passion as a great connoisseur of wine. But when I met Sor Athos and La Mamma, the two members who had founded the Soralama’ brewery in Valchiavenna, I discovered craft beer and from that moment on it became an obsession for me. I left Gai and bought their brewery to take it to Vaie where the water was renowned for its lightness and purity. In the meantime, in order to not abandon my studies in mechanics, I founded Simatec, a company that produces systems for making beer. Currently I divide myself between the two activities. In 2011 I invented Enrique and Gianluca with me to expand and develop together the project of building a large brewery. We are very satisfied, but there is still a lot to do… I am married and have two children.

Enrique Jiménez González

Spanish in Italy for near 30 years. The passion for good drinking and good food led me to know the Italian regions and their typical products. But it was the friendship with Gianluca that transformed my passion into job opportunities. First the management of the brewpub of the La Piazza Brewery and then, in 2011, the entry in Soralama’. Since 2016 I have been working full time, as an entrepreneur, in the production of the beer, its marketing and the management of restaurant premises.
In the food and wine world, I think that Italy has products of at least equal if not better quality than the Spanish ones, except evidently the Jamón Ibérico. Regarding craft beer, Spain yet has to recover ground, not in quantity but in quality; I wouldn’t mind taking home the skills I acquired. I am married and have a son.