The production capacity and quality control of the processes allows Soralama’ to guarantee the availability and uniformity of beer over time.

Our beer consists of approximately 95% water, and this crucial element has the power to influence the essence and aroma of the raw materials. Remarkably, certain brewing styles owe their origins to specific types of water employed in the brewing process.

Choosing the location for the Soralama’ brewery in the municipality of Vaie, nestled in Valle Susa, was a result of a meticulous investigation into the waters of the province of Turin. The ideal water with the desired characteristics is typically found at elevations above 1,500 meters. Vaie’s aqueduct draws directly from a source boasting exceptional trace mineral qualities, so much so that it was previously bottled as San Michele water. This extraordinary ingredient imparts a lightness and drinkability to our beers.

The Brewmaster, Lorenzo Turco, meticulously selects and incorporates various ingredients in his recipes, be it barley malts, hops, or locally sourced raw materials like cereals, spices, and the unique genepy (wormwood) that defines our blanche Genny.

Soralama’ brewery stands as an independent craft brewery, producing only raw, live, and unpasteurized beer. For those new to this world, the distinction between craft beer and industrial beer is akin to the difference between a baker’s thoughtfully crafted bread, considering the flour, yeasts, and baking process, compared to mass-produced supermarket substitutes.

Over the past twenty years, the Soralama’ brewery in Vaie has been dedicated to cultivating the art of producing high-quality beers. We embarked on this journey during the infancy of the craft beer movement, and today, with an impressive production of 4,000 hectoliters (equivalent to 400,000 liters) per year, we proudly rank among the top 15 breweries in Italy.

Our beers are available in 33 cc and 75 cc bottles, and we specialize in supplying draft craft beers and producing beers under the brands of our valued customers. Our well-established production capacity and stringent quality control processes ensure the consistent availability and uniformity of our beers over time.

Furthermore, the Soralama’ brewery is thoughtfully integrated with the Brasseria. Guests dining here can savor and relish all of our beers while enjoying some delightful charcuterie or a sumptuous plate, all set against the scenic backdrop of our production plant.