NewsSpecial brewed for Ghost Book

March 5, 2020

In 1932 the recipe for best and most famous craft beer in the world, the Orval, was born in Belgium to finance the completion of the Orval Abbey of the same name. At the end of 2018, Ghost beer was born in Soralamà to support Ghost Book, an editorial project on author photography.

The Ghost is a clear beer that is inspired by American IPAs but with the use of low fermentation yeasts, to better highlight the generous supply of Citra hops, even in dry hopping which, to the nose, gives aromas of tropical fruits and citrus fruits, especially grapefruit. The foam is white and persistent. In the mouth, after an elegant malty entrance, the hop takes over and cleanses the palate. Dry and delicate finish. The result is a light beer, thanks to the mountain water, that is highly drinkable, which gives intense aromas to the nose and great balance and harmony in the mouth.

Label Design: Lorenzo Eroticolor

To strengthen the link between beer and art, Ghost Beer will be characterized over time with a series of author labels. The 2019 edition label was designed by the French artist Lorenzo Eroticolor.

Lorenzoborn in Paris in 1967 talks about himself:

I’m a poster author, not a painter or a designer. My work is intended to be printed in a limited edition. The idea of a unique piece disturbs me. My career was determined by a magician. When I was a child, this strange old man with a long white beard said to my family: “This boy will become a great artist…” These words played a great role in my life. I do my best to respect the prophecy of this noble and old wizard. I work under the name of Lorenzo Eroticolor. I immerse myself in my work, when I am not studying the Sacred Texts or driving the motorbike or, trying to fix my damned, evil, motorcycle. Sometimes my works are accompanied by stories, with the signature of The Aristocratic Motorcyclist, . For me there are only two categories of people: gentlemen and the others. The aristocratic motorcyclist, alone in the storm, and the rest of the world, who drives a bad family car to go on vacation!