birra slurp
ALC 4,8 vol | 12,0° PLA | 35 IBU


Everyday beer

Slurp is a low-fermentation Pils-style beer with a golden color and fine, abundant and persistent foam. The nose is rich and intense, with floral notes and a citrus scent that comes from the use of Cascade hops in dry hopping. In the mouth it is balanced and the crispness cleans the palate well.

Slurp is more than just a beer. It is a true sensory experience that enraptures you from the first sip. This low-fermented Pils-style beer, with its shimmering golden color and fine, persistent foam, invites you on a journey of pleasure and refinement. Its rich aroma of floral and citrus notes, achieved thanks to the Cascade hops used in dry hopping, gently caresses the nostrils, anticipating the joy you will feel at the first sip.

But let’s not stop there. Slurp is the award-winning beer that won the title of Beer of the Year in 2023, awarded by Unionbirrai, recognizing its excellence and the dedication of our brewery. This win adds to other major awards over the years, including a silver medal at the Brussels Beer Challenge. Our passion and commitment to creating extraordinary beer is reflected in every sip of Slurp.

Join us in celebrating Slurp’s triumph as Beer of the Year 2023 and learn why it has become the favorite choice of true beer connoisseurs. For more information about Slurp and to stay up-to-date on our latest creations, visit our website. And if you want to share your experience and join our community of beer enthusiasts, follow us on Instagram. Try Slurp and discover the art of a beer that embodies award-winning excellence.

birra slurp



Deep straw yellow with greenish highlights


Variegated floral aromas of fresh hops where citrus notes typical of American varieties stand out


Light body, excellent harmony, balanced and dry taste where hops predominate with a pleasant bitter aftertaste accompanied by fresh malt sensations; high persistence and great drinkability


Vaie’s fine water characterized by high sweetness (3°F) and low mineral content used pure without treatment gives the product a thirst-quenching freshness and extraordinary fluidity. Our most award-winning beer.


Red beef and pork