ALC 4,8 vol | 12,0° PLA | 35 IBU


The daily beer

Slurp is a Pils-style low fermentation beer with a golden color and a fine, abundant and persistent foam. Its smell is rich and intense, with floral notes and a citrus scent that derives from the use of Cascade hops in dry hopping. In the mouth it is balanced, and the sparkling cleans the palate well.

Slurp is our most awarded beer. Unionbirrai named it Beer of the Year in 2012 and 2013, in 2016 it won the Silver Medal at the Brussels Beer Challenge. It is also listed among the daily Beers in the Guide to Italian Beers by Slow Food, for its ease and pleasantness. A light, drinkable beer with a low alcohol content.

A straw yellow colored Pils beer full of greenish reflections.
It presents variegated floral aromas of fresh hop, where the citrus notes, typical of American varieties, stand out.
It has a light body and there is excellent harmony between balanced and dry taste where the hops predominate, a pleasant bitter aftertaste accompanied by hints of fresh malt, high persistence and great drinkability.
The precious water of Vaie, characterized by high sweetness (3°F) and low percentage of minerals, used pure without treatments, gives the product a refreshing freshness and extraordinary fluidity.
It is paired well with beef and pork red meat.