Crus – Beer liquor

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Liquor made from beer and infusion of aromatic herbs from the mountain area.

Bottle of  0,70l

Alc 25,0%

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Crus Amaro is a beer liquor, proudly crafted by Soralama, is a testament to the artistry of blending beer and spirits. This extraordinary elixir combines the rich essence of beer with the smoothness of liquor, resulting in a truly unique drinking experience.

Every sip of Crus reveals a captivating blend of flavors. The aromatic hops provide a delightful hoppy bitterness, perfectly balanced with the nuances of malt and the smoothness of the liquor. This harmonious fusion creates a remarkable taste that will leave you longing for another sip.

As a beverage designed for beer connoisseurs and liquor enthusiasts, Crus Amaro offers versatility in its consumption. Enjoy it neat to appreciate its intricate flavor profile, or get creative with mixology by incorporating it into unique beer-inspired cocktails. Whether savored on its own or used as a key ingredient, Crus elevates your drinking experience.

Soralama’s commitment to craftsmanship and attention to detail shine through in every bottle of Crus Amaro. Indulge in this exceptional creation and discover the perfect harmony of beer and liquor, brought to life by Soralama’s dedication to quality and innovation. Elevate your beverage choices with Crus amaro alla birra, an exquisite elixir that transcends boundaries and delights the senses.

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Acqua, birra al 33% (Alc. 6,2% vol. – acqua, malto d’orzo, luppolo, lievito), zucchero, aromi. CONTIENE GLUTINE

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