In Italy, craft beer brands born before the 2000s can be counted on the fingers of one hand. Today Soralama’ is among the top 15 Italian craft breweries.

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The craft beer movement has its origins in Italy in 1996, between Piedmont and Lombardy. The Soralamà brand was born in 1999 in Val Chiavenna, to arrive in Val Susa in 2004, with Davide Zingarelli. In 2019 Soralama’ is twenty years old and, in the Italian brewing scene, the breweries that can boast this age can be counted on your hand. For Soralama’ beers, this time and this story have an important meaning. Twenty year means experience, growth, evolution, especially since 2004 the Master Brewer is Lorenzo Turco who, with his work, gives continuity and uniqueness to the beers prepared with the water of the Val Susa, which year after year collect awards in Italy and around the world.


In Val Chiavenna the brand Soralama’ is born. The name is a strong and easy to remember sound that comes from the contraction of the names of the two founders, sor Athos and Davide, known as La Mamma. The Brewery of Sor A’ and la Ma’, SorA’ laMa’, Soralama’


Davide Zingarelli buys the Soralama’ brand. The quality of the water is the essential element for beer quality. Davide chooses Vaie, in Val Susa for the organoleptic qualities of the water that some time before was bottle as San Michele mineral water.


Davide Zingarelli finishes the construction of the new production plant and the 10hl plant or making beer, designed by him.

The beer production activity begins in the new plant and is served to the public in the Brasseria, in the mezzanine above the production plant.
Lorenzo Turco begins his collaboration with Soralama’ as Brew master.

2005 - 2008

The different beers of the new Soralama’ range are born, with onomatopoeic names inspired by the comments of our customers when tasting our beers: slurp!, wow!, oooh!, gluglu!, gulp!, hurra!, mmm!,

The Brasseria is confirmed as the meeting place for good beer in Valle


The Slurp is awarded 5 stars by the Guide to Italian beers by Slow Food.


Enrique Jiménez and Gianluca Poggio join the company, with the aim of joining forces with Davide to develop the Brewery together.


The Slurp is awarded Beer of the Year with the gold medal by Unionbirrai.


The Slurp is again Beer of the Year, this time with the silver medal.


The CRUS beer is born, a blonde ale with fig extract, which quickly gets the public’s satisfaction through the large retailers.


The Slurp is awarded the silver medal in the Lager Hoppy category at the Brussels Beer Challenge.

The Wow is the first classified in the Northern Italy low fermentation category at the Premio Cerevisia.

The Genny is rated “Exquisite” with three out of three stars at the Bellavita Awards in Chicago.


The BITREX line is born, the Italian IPAs of Soralama’.

After thirteen years of life, the beer production plant is replaced for a SIMATEC one of 24hl, fully automated and at the state of the art in brewing technology. With this expansion, the brewery’s production capacity grows to 10,000 hl/year.


Soralama’ presents Ghost to its public, a beer created to support the editorial subject on author photography, Ghost Book. The Ghost Beer stands out for its strong identity and limited editions with author’s label.

After the opening of the first distribution channels abroad in Sweden, Romania, Australia… the export of our beers to United States begins.