awardsNewsLa Spiga d’Oro a Slurp, Best Beer of the Year 2018

March 8, 2020


The pils style of Soralama’ is liked since its debut, so much so that in 2012 it was awarded the gold medal in the Beer of the Year competition and the Silver Medal at the Brussels Beer Challenge. Good. light and drinkable to deserve also the recommendation of “daily beer” on the latest edition of the Guide to Italian Beers by Slow Food. now there is an extra prize in its palmares: The Federazione Italiana Birra Artigianale has awarded the Soralama’ Slurp with the Golden Spike as the best beer of the year, together with the first place on the podium dedicated to American pilsners. Slurp is a Pils-style low fermentation beer with a golden color and a fine, abundant and persistent foam. Its smell is rich and intense, with floral notes and a citrus scent that derives from the use of Cascade hops in dry hopping. It is balanced in the mouth and the carbonation cleans the palate well. Probably also the best choice for those who want to approach craft beers.

But FederBirra also recognized the qualities of two other Soralama’ beers. The Crus is Best Italian Beer 2018 in the Belgian Gold Ale category, while the Ex is on the highest step of the podium of beers with spelled.

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