birra al Genepì
ALC 4,8 vol | 12,0° PLA | 20 IBU


Genepi Beer

Genny, the Genepì beer, is the classic result of Italian creativity and connection with the territory. The brewer is like the cook and when he creates a recipe he takes a cue from a tradition, looks for an identity using the products of the territory and with his own sensibility gives people’s palate and brain new sensations. With Genny, Lorenzo Turco has interpreted the Belgian style of Blanche, fragrant and light high fermentation wheat beers with spice of bitter orange and coriander seeds.

He interpreted it by incorporating lemon zest and Genepì flower, the Artemisia that grows in the Susa Valley, into the recipe. The alpine flower is not hidden from the nose and makes this beer exceptionally fresh and ideal for aperitifs.

Genepì beer, Genny, is the fruit of the creative mind of Lorenzo Turco, an Italian brewer who has been able to capture the essence of the territory and transfer it into a unique beer. Taking inspiration from local traditions, Turco has been able to combine high-quality ingredients to create a product that surprises both the palate and the mind. Genny is inspired by the Belgian Blanche style, a light and fragrant wheat beer characterized by high temperature fermentation and the use of bitter orange and coriander seeds to add a spicy note.

However, Turco wanted to make Genny even more unique and original. In his recipe, he included lemon peel and Genepì flower, an Artemisia that grows luxuriantly in the picturesque Susa Valley. The scent of the alpine flower, Genepì, delicately emerges, giving this Genepì beer an extraordinary freshness, making it the ideal companion for a refreshing aperitif.

Turco’s focus on terroir and the use of local ingredients not only give Genny, the Genepì beer, a distinctive character, but also an authentic connection to Italy. This beer embodies the passion and craftsmanship of Italian brewers, who approach their craft as true culinary artists, skillfully blending tradition and innovation.

Genny, is more than just a beer. It is a complete sensory experience that manifests itself through every sip. Every detail, from the selection of ingredients to the brewing process, is carefully crafted to offer the consumer a new and satisfying sensation. The citrusy aroma of lemon zest and the floral touch of Genepì blend harmoniously with the wheat base, creating a symphony of flavors that waft through the mouth and leave a pleasant sensation of freshness.

Belgian Blanche


Light straw yellow, slightly cloudy

White foam, fine and persistent


Fresh and balsamic fragrance where the aroma of Genepi clearly stands out


Delicate and light body, slightly acidic wheat sensation giving freshness and drinkability. The aroma of genepi reappears strongly in the mouth giving a pleasant balsamic sensation


Brewed with 50% wheat. Slightly flavored at the boil with a blend of spices in combination with a refined hopiness.


Great as an aperitif, fish and pizza