ALC 4,8 vol | 12,0° PLA | 20 IBU


The ideal aperitif

Genny is the classic result that comes from Italian creativity and the link with the territory. The brewer is like the cook and when he creates a recipe he takes inspiration from a tradition, seeks an identity using local products and, with his own sensitivity, he gives new sensations to the palate and brain of people. With Genny, Lorenzo Turco interpreted the Belgian style of the Blanche, highly fermented light and fragrant wheat beers, with bitter orange spice and coriander seeds. He interpreted it by inserting lemon zest and Genepì flower, the Artemisia that grows in the Valle di Susa, into the recipe. The alpine flower does not hide itself from the nose and makes this beer exceptionally fresh and ideal for an aperitif.

Genny is a light yellow straw-colored Belgian Blanche beer, slightly veiled by white foam, fine and persistent.
It has a fresh and balsamic scent where the aroma of genepy stands out clearly.
From the delicate and light body, it has the slightly acidic sensation of wheat, which gives freshness and drinkability.
The aroma of the genepy reappears strongly in the mouth, giving a pleasant balsamic sensation.
Produced with 50% wheat, it is slightly flavored during the boiling phase, with a mixture of spices, combined with a refined hopping.
Excellent as an aperitif or with fish and pizza.