ALC 5,8 vol | 15,0° PLA | 30 IBU


A balanced belgian

Exis a multi-cereal Blonde Ale-style high fermentation beer. Together with barley, wheat, oats, rye and spelled. It is a complex beer in which the hints of cereals predominate, but there is the bitterness of the four hops and a light orange citrus taste. 5.8 alcohol content. it is balanced and good-bodied on the palate.

Ex is a Blonde Ale with a coppery orange color and a complex and distinctive aroma.
The scents of cereals predominate with spicy notes deriving from hops and infused orange.
Its taste has a good body, there is great harmony between the sweet sensation of cereals and the bitter component of hops which gives it a full and long persistence of flavor.
The careful proportion in the use of a complex and varied mixture of five cereals and four hops leads to an elaborate beer that is still pleasant and easy to drink.
It goes well with pasta and white meats.