ALC 7 vol | 19,0° PLA | 20 IBU


To warm hearts

Crus is a high fermentation beer, refermented in the bottle, inspired by the Belgian Blonde Ale. Crus is sensual and enveloping, characterized by a clear amber color, intense aromas and softness of malts. The pleasantness of the notes of candied fruit, in particular of the fig, remains for a long time in the mouth. The bitterness is just hinted. Important gradation and body to warm hearts.


Crus is a golden-colored Belgian Blond Ale beer with orange reflections and a light glaze and a white, persistent and compact foam.
Full and round hints stand out in the nose, originating from malts and yeast with an evident fruity note, deriving from fig jam.
Its taste is full-bodied and persuasive with honey and candied fruit, with a slight acidity which gives it freshness and drinkability.
It goes well with aged cheeses, dry pastries and sweets in general.