ALC 7 vol | 19,0° PLA | 20 IBU


To warm up hearts

Crus is a top-fermented beer inspired by Belgian Blonde Ale. Characterized by a clear amber color, this craft beer seduces from the first glance. Its intense aromas envelop the air, anticipating an extraordinary taste experience. Selected malts give Crus beer an enveloping smoothness, while the pleasure of candied fruit notes, especially fig, lingers long in the mouth. The slightly hinted bitterness blends harmoniously with the other elements, creating a delicious balance. With a significant alcohol content and body, this beer is sure to warm the hearts of the most discerning connoisseurs. Discover the magic of Crus beer and be won over by its unique charm.

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Inspired by the Belgian blonde ale


Golden with orange hues and slight cloudiness. The foam is white, persistent and compact.


Full, rounded scents stand out on the nose, originating from malts and yeast with obvious fruity note, resulting from fig pulp, added as an ingredient at the end of boiling.


In the mouth it is full-bodied and persuasive of honey and candied fruit, with a slight acidity that lends freshness and drinkability.


Crus Blonde Beer is characterized by a refined and balanced taste. It has delicate aromatic notes and a slight sweetness, accompanied by a barely noticeable tinge of bitterness.


We recommend pairing it with aged cheeses, dry pastries and desserts in general.