ALC 6,9 vol | 16,0° PLA | 60 IBU



Italian IPA beer, amber top-fermented beer inspired by American IPA, American India Pale Ale, characterized by English malts excellently harmonized with generous hopping in bitterness and aroma with American and Pacific hops. Italian IPA beer with good bitterness, a typical characteristic of the style, well balanced by the use of caramel malt. White, fine and persistent foam.

Bitrex is a delicious top-fermented amber IPA beer that perfectly embodies the spirit of American-IPAs (American india pale ale). This beer is a true craft masterpiece, featuring a harmonious combination of high quality English malts and generous hopping with American and Pacific hops, giving the drink a surprising balance of bitterness and aroma.

Thanks to the skillful use of caramel malts, Bitrex achieves an optimal degree of bitterness, typical of the IPA style, without ever being overly intense. This balance between the bitterness and sweetness of the malt creates a unique flavor complexity that gradually evolves on the palate.

High fermentation gives this beer a light effervescence and velvety texture, while American and Pacific hops add an extraordinary flavor profile, with notes of citrus, tropical fruit and resin. These aromas blend harmoniously with the rich flavors of English malts, creating a surprising and unforgettable taste experience.

Bitrex is the ideal choice for craft beer lovers who want to enjoy an authentic, quality IPA. With its balanced flavor and aromatic complexity, this beer lends itself to versatile food pairings, perfect for accompanying aged cheeses, grilled meats and spicy dishes.

In conclusion, Bitrex is more than just a top-fermented amber ale. It is a beer that is a complete sensory experience, an ode to brewing craftsmanship and a passion for intense flavors. To savor a Bitrex is to immerse yourself in a satisfying taste journey, where the balance of sweetness and bitterness come together in perfect harmony.

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Inspired by American IPAs


Amber (37EBC) clear, brilliant


With American and New Zealand hops.


Good final bitterness and well balanced by malt


English malts harmonized with generous hops


Red beef and pork.